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Club of Newchurch

Motorbikes in the Mountains

Everything began in 2006 with the Tridays, an event that was a rather brand-introverted event thanks to the partnership with Triumph. Since 2017, the “Club of Newchurch” has organised a brand-free festival.  

The Club of Newchurch sprung from an idea of a club member. He wanted to bring a meeting for motorbike fans to life, where everyone - from kids to old men - can feel at home. No topless waitresses, no powerful show-offs, only friends of motorcycling, fun, and all kinds of crazy people. The idea has prevailed and since then, every year thousands of people head to Neukirchen.

For those who don't want to spend the whole week there, but just stay the main days Thursday to Sunday, the time at the festival could be a little short. As every road around Neukirchen is ideal for extended tours. So it's also hardly surprising, that you can choose between countless guided tours. Those who prefer discovering the Großglockner and co. on their own can also naturally do this. You just have to be careful, that you don't miss out on any festival highlights in the meantime. You absolutely have to see the Motodrome Hellriders, who deliver an unbelievable show with their old irons. Or the Steampunk Show at the Abacus Theatre, who glide through the crowd on their self-built companions.

Accommodation during “Club of Newchurch”

If you're looking for a room during the festival, the Landhotel Rohregger is the perfect location for you. You can reach all events on foot and can then get a good night's sleep too! Enquire now!

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